Apply to live with us!

Want to live in a fun group house with cool people, a bonfire pit and a hammock?
Vacany beginning in late February!

As part of the Moishe House you get to have dinner parties, road trip to the beach or build your own sukkah with your friends. Moishe House, is an international organization which sponsors your good times and provides funding and rent subsidies for creating Jewish community however housemates choose.

Participants of Moishe House Montgomery County live, plan and play together. We have a kosher kitchen and are open to all types of Jewish practice. Applicants should be in their 20’s or so.

Check out what Moishe House is all about here and on Please come to one of our events so you can meet the community!

APPLY HERE BY January 7th:


Welcome to Moishe House Montgomery County

Moishe House Montgomery County belongs to an international network of vibrant, peer-based Jewish communities for young adults in their 20s and 30s. The communities are created by groups of 3-5 young adults all sharing a strong eagerness to create a home that becomes a hub of Jewish life for their young adult peers.

We have 7-10 events each month related to Jewish culture and holidays, Jewish learning, Tikkun Olam / Social Service, and fun social events. You can see our calendar of events here.

We don’t post our house address for privacy and security reasons. If you’d like directions or more information, please email us at or join our Facebook group.